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Wanna tan but do not have the funds (and time) for it? Well, I gotchu. I bought this last year, I think when it first came out and I was skeptical becuase one, Jergens just released it (didnt have a lot of reviews online at that time, second, I didnt know what to expect since it was drugstore. I have tried other drugstore tanning products before and it wasn’t that great. It was streaky.  I personally haven’t tried the St Tropez but I have tried the Vita Liberata which is too pricey and still cant justify spending so much. Lastly, I had dry, sensitive skin so again, I didnt know how my skin was going to react but I gave it a shot…again, it was inexpensive!


So, first thing is You really have to apply with a mitt (with any tanning mouse/lotion) because it will just end up being so streaky and would stain your hands.

Exfoliate and shave before tanning, and fully moisturize on dry parts of your body aka elbows, ankles and knees.

You have to dedicate a couple of hours to let it set in and develop. I wore black underwear when I applied and put on some baggy clothing after.

If you want to go darker, wait a couple of hours or the next day before piling up and piling up product.

Let’s get to the PROs and Cons:


Does not transfer to sheets/clothes once it dries (about a few mins) at all.

Instant tan: so you see results right away and where you’re putting it on your body

It does dry in 60 seconds but can be sticky for about an hour or 2

smell isn’t that bad

not blotchy or streaky

when you shower/rinse does not have excess coming off

 Wears for a good a week.  However, to maintain my tan, I apply twice a week

Great alternative for high end self tanners especially when you are just starting out

No shimmer unlike other tanning lotions or mousse in the market

comes in 3 shades (light, deep bronze and ultra deep bronze)


Sticky for a few hours while its drying  (so try doing it before bed) if it really annoys you. Doesn’t really bother me.

Takes a good couple of hours for my whole body to FULLY dry



For it being a drugstore, it does the job & good way to practice on especially if you are just starting out with self tanning. I like how it feels light and as soon as you apply it, you can see it darken hence, it’s easier for you to see application wise to avoid streaks and blotches. It does dry in about a minute or 2 however let me warn you, it stays sticky for a good couple of hours but it doesn’t transfer (weird!). Smell doesn’t really bother me, not a strong scent but there is. Colour comes as a natural tan, not too brown nor orange-y. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend $$$ on tanners or go to a tanning salon, this will do! You really can’t go wrong with a $12 tanning product and Im quite impressed with it. Again, make sure you use a mitt when applying. I give this a 4/5!









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