DENIM LOVE. Favourite places to shop Denim + tips

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You can’t have too much denim! It is such a universally flattering item that I just love wearing them. What are some of your favourite stores to shop for denim? I’ll be naming a few shops down below. I love how they have a variety of pieces, colour, fit/cut, & wash. Personally, I try to find affordable BUT awesome pieces..but I don’t mind spending for especially when I know it will be worth it (cost per wear)– quality over qty, baby.


I personally love American Eagle! I’ve been wearing AE jeans for years! And lasts for such a long time I own black denim, mom jeans, high waisted, distressed and many more! I am a huge fan of their super stretchy ones cause mama over here loves some comfy. They carry a lot of different ones, in a whole range of colours, sizes/fit, and washes. Plus not to mention they carry petite and super petite too ;P great quality!

PRO TIP: Head to outlets to save more $$$ or take advantage of their buy 1 get 1 half off.

PRO TIP 2: Head to the back for awesome discounted pieces!


Zara is my top place to shop at in all categories. They carry go-to classics and basics + affordable trendy pieces I love the whole vibe. classy, chic indeed. I love their denim jackets. 2 of which I own are from them — a classic fit & wash (pic below) and the other, a lighter one but longer (perfect for covering the bum lol) !

PRO TIP: Always always ask they to check the back for more sizes. Especially boutique stores, they do not bring out every size and colour that is available. Don’t always assume that they do not have it.

I have the ZARA app and it actually tells me whether they have stock or not is a specific location. It helps to check especially to save a trip or help the SA out. Of course there are discrepancies at times but if you want something, worth checking!


I used to just ignore and underestimate OLD NAVY/BR before cause , I admit, didn’t really WOW me at first. However, I wanted to give the rockstar jeans a try…and just like American Eagle, they carry petite sizes so I gave it a shot….they proved me wrong! I love their skinny stretchy ones as well! favourite pair that I own is my light gray pair. hits just right at my ankles and love the colour! It’s a tad bit affordable than AE and some what carry a range. You really just have to be good at finding your sizes in a big massive pile. I love their denim shorts as well!

PRO TIP: take advantage of their cash back coupons and their BUY 1 get 1 half off as well.

PRO TIP 2: Be careful of their dark blue denims cause they tend to colour transfer. make sure you wash them properly before wearing them 🙂

PRO TIP 3: They carry a LOT of Sale items. Head towards the back or hidden corners for super awesome discounted products! Typical for every to have their sale section in the back 🙂


An oldie but a goodie! When it comes to Marshalls and Winners, you really have to be patient in finding your gems! I’ve scored a couple of great pieces (LEVI’S) & did not disappoint! You can score at least half the price of the regular!

Pro SHOPPING TIP: Shop on weekday Mornings (specifically Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) why? Cause new stock comes in around Monday/ Tuesday and out on the floor Wednesday/Thurs/Friday. Mondays normally is the “catching up from the weekend” part, and fresh layout is presented, & new stock is delivered, tuesdays are for markdowns and opening of boxes… your best bet are wed/Thurs/Fri HEHE

Trust me: I’ve been a Visual merchandiser for 8 years for 3 big companies here in the US/CANADA…. I know the drill. lol





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