Dominique Cosmetics’ Latte 2 first Impressions

Posted February 19, 2020 by Denise in Beauty / 0 Comments

Dominique Cosmetics came out with a second palette, Latte 2. I super loved the first one she came out with so I was dying to try this out! I know, yet again another “neutral” palette but I’m just a sucker for coffee, lattes, neutrals with pop of colours. Since I live in Canada, I couldn’t dare order through website cause the shipping is ridiculous. However, Im actually so surprised to see this at my local Sephora after a month of it being released. So I grabbed it asap.

Ok, so my thoughts, I find the palette a bit chalky compared to the the first palette, I like the pop of colours– strawberry milk most especially. (such fun pretty spring colours)

cafe con leche and frothy could be a tad more darker since its barely showing in my skin, well, it does but not with one swipe. I wish also there would be a lighter brown shade for a transition colour besides blonde roast/strawberry milk (especially if you want to go neutral).

I love the packaging, the little saying on the mirror, very sturdy yet not heavy–just right. For the price, I wish this was a little bit cheaper considering that the shades are dupable & pretty common.

Overall I give it a 3/5. 🙂

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