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Ever since I started meditating (consistently), I felt such a big shift in my overall mood & perspective in life. Together with Journaling and watching /listening to helpful books and videos, I just had been obsessed with my routine every morning. Like I crave for it. I must admit, the weather here in Toronto ain’t helping BUT its not about the external factors that should determine our happiness and mood!

This, just like anything else requires a lot of practice and truly a journey. Something I’m grateful and proud of— that I dedicate at least 2 hours every morning to myself. To better myself, to get to know myself better. With that, I end up filling my cup with so much love & therefore I end up filling other people’s cup as well with love and compassion.

I mentioned that motherhood truly changes you. I must reiterate that IT TRULY DOES. Domi constantly changes my outlook and teaches me what truly matters in life. Watching him grow the past 2 years had been so amazing, (and sometimes overwhelming at the same time). He truly molds me to be the best mom, wife and person that I could ever be. Without him, I’d never been “forced” to take care of my mind and body.

He gives me purpose. My family gives me a reason to be better, live better & dream bigger.

Although the 2020 so far has been not we are all expecting, more lows than highs, I constantly remind myself and encourage you to see the good in every single situation. To see the good in everyday. Taking one stride , one day at a time.

Happy Thursday everybody!

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