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Hello! How is everyone going? Hope all are doing well! Since we are at home, self isolating, maybe it’s the perfect time to pick up something to read? With all that is going on with the world, let’s focus on the things we CAN CONTROL. Consuming the good & filling your mind with new discoveries, learnings and insights may be a better way than falling into the rabbit hole consuming repeated news and negativity.

Below are a list of books I enjoyed reading. Keep in mind I like self-help, spiritual and business books basically Anything that I can learn and help me. (and can possibly help you!) My fiction books are a different story. I’ll be saving that for a different post.



  • You do you by Sarah knight : I love this! Setting boundaries, Having the confidence to be yourself despite of what others think & just being awesome.
  • Let that Shit go by Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw: Super easy to read and breeze through, simple and understandable tips to find peace of mind and happiness in your everyday life.
  • You can heal your life by Louise Hay: An oldie but a goodie, Read it a couple of times but out of all these books, this was hits you on the spot. I find this was challenging to really implement which means, I have to in order to see awesomeness.
  • The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson: Loved how straightforward this is and really encourages you not to give a fuck on what people think of you…cause ya know, thats none of your business. you do you boo.
  • You are a badass by Jen Sincero: This is my all time favourite book! Easy to read and lots of humour! This pumps me up big time. Even my hubby loves this lol
  • The self Love experiment by Shannon Kaiser: This book is amazeballs, this ties with the same level as you are a badass. I was so into this book that I was having quite a conversation with the author herself, Shannon. She answered all my questions and After reading this book, self love just existed in my life even more.
  • Girl, stop apologizing by Rachel Hollis: I must admit, I love this book way more than the first one she wrote. If you are a mom, Believe in God, establishing a business or want to make a dream come true. This is the one for ya. Mixing it with faith and humour, she is awesome!
  • 13 things mentally strong women do by Amy Morin: She shares her past (and its heartbreaking) which made her who she is today. This book is specifically for us women and what goes through our minds & what we can do to be the best versions of ourselves, without the guilt, jealousy or being to critical of ourselves.


Some look familiar? These are the books I post in my Instagram stories from time to time. They are filled with encouraging, motivational, inspirational quotes/sayings and short messages that we can all relate to. Great for a pick me up to set the tone for the day or a nice comforting quick read before bed. I sometimes bring this and keep in my purse. lol (L-R)

  • You are a badass everyday by Jen Sincero
  • Live life sunny side up by Jeremyvulle
  • Heart talk by Cleo Wade
  • The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne


When it comes to journal writing, I make sure I include reading and reflecting of scriptures. I must admit, the bible overwhelms me so I take it day by day with messages and reflect on it, followed by prayer time. To love, to hope and become a better Catholic is what I aspire to be. Ive had the confident Woman devotional (still remember when I would always keep this in my school bag and drawer at my corporate job. I am so loving the better mom devotional, which is the newest one out of all. Being a stay home mom can be challenging, taking care of the family and assist in the growth of my son–this really helps me become a better wife & mom.


I am currently reading the Conscious Parent- only halfway through but LOVE IT ALREADY!!! I can’t put into words how good this book is. Like If I were to give this to another parent, this would be the book. It makes you reflect on you and how you connect with your kid. How we pass down habits to them, how to break bad habits from past generations etc. The whole brain child makes you understand their Mind, how they operate, how we can respond to scenarios. Bringing up bebe was my first ever book I purchased when I had Domi. Definitely gives you a whole new perspective. All I can say I like how the French raise their kids! lol This whole parenthood is new, I know. Different to all and as much as we learn on the go, its nice to have some guidance, & learn from the experts.


  • Crushing it by Gary V: Who doesnt love Gary V? He will be brutally honest with you, whether you like it or not. He will inspire, motivate and push you to crush it in life and in business especially in the digital world today.
  • The Fire started Sessions by Danielle Laporte: Are you feeling lost? don’t know yourself much and your purpose? This book is awesome! I love the journal prompts and exercises in every chapter. Really goes deep down and makes you reflect about your calling/purpose.
  • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield: This book is such a staple in everyone’s bookshelf. This is where I learned about scripting and manifesting. He teaches about all things about business, relationships and life in general.
  • Awaken the giant Within by Tony Robbins: He’s one of the few people that I truly admire. Have you heard about his story yet? He came from a background where he absolutely had nothing and look where he is now. He saves lives by his inspiring and motivational talks and sessions. This is similar to the success principles but also different in some ways. One of my favourite books of all time.


I am a big believer that your home reflects who you are. Cluttered home, cluttered mind. So we make sure, besides being tidy, we keep only the things we love, we purge often and really implement QUALITY OVER QTY. We may have a small home but its cozy, its full of memories and we love it a lot. Super appreciate and contented with the place we live in hence we always find ways to buy less, buy with quality and be able to live more.

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo: Spark joy by the infamous Marie Condo. If you don’t know who she is, then you must come from a different planet. lol. I love this one specifically because its the illustrated version master class of her organizing/tidying up. If you are more of a visual person, I suggest you get this version. One of my favourite things to do is organize my things especially my closet. I learned so much from her. Definitely a game changer.

Thats it, folks! I hope you like some of the books I’ve shared.

Hope you are all having an amazing day! Always remember, no matter what the day brings, always find JOY. Until the next post!

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